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Meet Brandi

I am the wife of Ruben Polanco of Las Cruces and mother of four wonderful children; Justin, Sarah, Xavier and Analyse.  I am deeply rooted in my faith and I have an eagerness to serve and support others.  I am a compassionate conservative who believes in liberty, freedom and our Constitutional values.   I am a native, 6th generation New Mexican, born and raised here in southern New Mexico where I have also raised my own family.   

Both my parents were in the public service, my father a fireman and my mother working for the Police Department of the City of Las Cruces.  Both of my parents were very proud serving our community.  My dad went on to be a small business owner as well as my grandfather.  My sister is a nurse, my brother is a great mechanic and I also have family members who are or were in the military. 

I am running because I am tired of division, tired of being under represented or not being represented at all.  I am tired of our voices not being heard.  I am running because of the overreach of government leaders in Santa Fe.  I am against the socialist values currently espoused by our leaders in Santa Fe.  Those leaders are currently shoving our state to the extreme left and giving rights to elected individuals that agree with them while more conservative, Constitutional leaders are ignored.   I believe in smaller government and personal responsibility.   I am looking to bring change to New Mexico through bridging the values held by conservatives and liberals alike.  I will always put New Mexico and our people first.  I will be available and ready to listen and serve our community. 

I am especially proud of the work I have done in Dona Ana County to date.  I bring years of experience and educational professionalism to my campaign.  I have been in education for 22 years and an educational leader for the past 15 years.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Education from New Mexico State University.  I hold a master’s degree in Leadership from Concordia University at Portland and a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Concordia University at Nebraska.  I am a master teacher and have experience teaching a variety of math courses at the secondary level that include grades 7-12.  I hold distinction as an Exemplary teacher in the state of New Mexico for the past four years.  I also have experience teaching Language Arts and New Mexico History at the middle school level.   My classroom was recently selected as a model classroom nationwide for the Agile Mind Curriculum due to her student’s continued student growth and achievement on the New Mexico standardized tests in Algebra 1.  I have been nominated by my students to Disney Teacher of the year.  I was nominated by my administrators to attend National Middle School Aerospace Scholars program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.  Additionally, I was accepted to attend NASA Space Academy for educators in Huntsville, AL.

We are in the middle of a spiritual warfare and the line has been drawn between right and wrong.  Currently, New Mexico is leading the nation in mental health and is ranked last in education, crime & corrections, opportunity and economy.  We must seek to change this because I believe that New Mexico is one of the Greatest States in our United States.  The entitlement, the permissive society. the socialism and giving people rights while taking away the rights of others needs to stop.  We must all stand up for our constitutional rights and demand that leaders in Santa Fe abide by the New Mexico Constitution they swore to Protect and Defend.

These are the times that we need to rise up, unite and be counted.  My faith has called me to be bold and courageous to stand up for what is right and just with honesty, integrity and transparency.  I will be the voice for our community.  I will uphold New Mexico values because we need what is best for New Mexico.  I hope you will stand with me and together we can achieve Greatness for the State of New Mexico.

I need your support, I need your prayers and I need your vote! 

God Bless You

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Brandi Polanco
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